The Lie We Live: A Reality-Shattering Video That Will Open Your Eyes Wide

The world is drowning in a sea of pain. Our culture is declining and the natural habitat is being destroyed. Inequality, poverty, deforestation, pollution, violence, and war are an everyday reality.

And what are we doing about all those things?


We’re sitting passively in front of a screen, being blinded by the mainstream media, and the rest of our time we’re wasting our lives working as wage slaves, just so we can earn some money to merely survive and pay the bills.

But you know what?

Nothing is going to change unless we take action.

Of course, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s because most of us aren’t even aware of the atrocities that are happening all around us. We live in a world of lies that decades of brainwashing has made us believe.

To make change, we first need to open up our eyes and realize all the wrongness that prevails in society, and only then will we be able to correct it. The reality-shattering video below helps us do exactly that: It raises our awareness about our messed up world, and urges us to take responsible action to help relieve it from its immense suffering.

Are you ready to wake up?