6 Stupid Things Most People Think Are Important

Here are six stupid things that most people think are important and which shouldn’t impress you anymore:

1. The brands of your possessions. Most people have been fooled into believing that acquiring expensive stuff by well-known brands will make them look shiny, beautiful and successful, and thus base their self-esteem on material objects. Not surprisingly, they feel constantly stressed, always trying to acquire more and more and get the best that is out there. Being obsessed with buying more, they forget to pay attention to what truly matters in life, such as building intimate relationships with people, pursuing their passions, and sharing their gifts with the world.

2. The number of your “friends.’’ There are many who enjoy boasting about how many “friends” they have on social media and the amount of “likes” they receive from them. The reality, however, is that only few (if any at all) of them are actually their friends. If you’re one of those people, realize that to have just a few true, genuine friends — even if they can only be counted in the fingers of one hand — is far more important than having superficial relationships with thousands of people.

3. The money in your bank account. No matter how much money you’ve managed to acquire, it won’t be enough to fill your life with joy and freedom. The majority of people desire to possess more and more money, thinking that this way they will feel good about themselves and live the dream, but even when they succeed in earning a lot of it, they sooner or later end up feeling disappointed and empty, realizing that money is not the key that opens the door to happiness. Instead of striving to succeed in collecting financial wealth, strive to succeed in things that give true fulfillment in life, such as love, creativity and play.

4. The number of hours you are busy every day. Many of us tend to think that we are important when we talk about how busy we are throughout our everyday life. We forget, however, that being busy day and in and day out without taking time to relax our mind and body can fill us with immense stress, which usually leads to physical and emotional exhaustion. Being involved doing things we love doing is fine, but not finding the time to rest and recharge our batteries can be very detrimental to our health and well-being.

5. The power you have over others. In the competitive society we’ve been brought up to, we have been conditioned to believe that proving our superiority over others is what will improve our self-confidence and provide us with a sense of personal success. So we try in any possible way to surpass others and show how much more powerful than them we are. The result? We feel alienated in a world that we perceive as inimical to us. We also at some point come to realize that our power is only superficial, and can be taken away from us at any moment by another, which puts us under constant stress and fear.

6. The number of partners you’ve slept with. Living in a culture where we find it difficult to form intimate, love relationships with our fellow human beings, we are trying to substitute love with sex. But no matter how much sex we have, we still want more and more without end. We have become obsessed with sex, but sex can’t truly provide us with what we’re truly seeking for — a loving connection. From now on, stop searching for the next partner to sleep with, and search for that partner you can share your heart with.


Life is short, so make sure to spend it in a way that makes you truly fulfilled, without getting caught up chasing stupid things that only provide you with temporary, skin-deep gratification.

Author: theunboundedspirit.com