5 Signs You are Wasting Your Life

To truly live means to immerse yourself in the journey of life and make the most out of it. It means to explore and discover, to laugh, play and have fun, to connect with others, to share your being and experience love, to make mistakes, learn from them and grow in wisdom.

Unfortunately, the majority of people are wasting the precious gift of life doings things that don’t bring them joy, meaning and contentment, until at some point they reach to an old age and find themselves filled with regrets because of the emotional needs they never managed to satisfy. If don’t want to end up like this, I’d like you to present you here with five warning signs that you may be wasting your life too, along with helpful tips on how to make life worth-living again:

1. TV has become your best friend
A clear sign that you’re wasting your life is that you spend hours every day in front of a TV screen, passively and unquestionably allowing in your psyche huge piles of audiovisual trash that television programs are filling you with.

TV is a propaganda machine that is feeding people’s minds with lies, by presenting false news and manipulative advertising, for the sole purpose of making them believe deceitful information and consume stuff they don’t actually need. In addition, television is the most stupid entertaining device, offering people substitutes for the experiences they deep down wish to live through trashy soaps and reality shows, which immerse their minds in constant drama that distracts them the important things in life.

If you’d like to stop living passively and start spending your time wisely, a good first step you can take right now is to throw your TV set straight into the rubbish bin!

2. You do work that you don’t love doing
Another sign that much of your life is being wasted is that you do work that you don’t like doing, but which you feel forced to do.

In our unfair economic system, most people have to work as wage slaves in order to make ends meet, wasting almost every single day for half of their waking time working for corporations that exploit their labor and suck their energy dry, without allowing them any space to be creative and contribute their gifts to the world.

If you are sick of this kind of living, be sure to seek for ways to earn your income from pursuing work that you truly love doing. This will allow you to experience less stress and more freedom as well as fulfillment. Of course, it can’t be easily achieved, but it’s totally worth the effort.

Having said that, ideally one shouldn’t be motivated to work because of any monetary reward, but out of one’s very love for work alone, which is currently nearly impossible for most people across the planet. In our debt-based, obsolete monetary system, the harsh reality is that a lot of people are forced find any job — whether they enjoy it or not — just so they can get enough food to survive and a roof to live under.

3. You always want to buy new stuff
Do you always want to buy new products so as to feel better about yourself? Then you’re certainly wasting your life, trying to satisfy your emotional needs by throwing your hard-earned money on material things, mistaking the temporary psychological highs you experience while shopping with lasting joy.

In our consumer society, we’ve been conditioned to believe that buying stuff will make us feel great — it will make us feel more beautiful, loving, confident, and so on and so forth. People who have bought into this lie are wasting much of their lives competing with others about who has more possessions, as well as continually trying to boost their self-esteem by acquiring new material objects.

To escape the prison of materialism you need to realize that, once you are able to satisfy your basic needs, no product is going to improve your well-being. You need to look somewhere else for that: Finding meaningful work, building loving relationships, cultivating gratitude and developing mindfulness.

4. Your thoughts are constantly in the future
From a very young age, we’ve been used to sacrificing today for the promised pleasures of tomorrow.

Look around you and you’ll see that most people are doing the best they can to create a better future for themselves, forgetting that the only moment that ever was, is, and will ever be is the present moment. Being constantly focused on a future end, they can’t focus savor all the gifts life is offering along their journey.

Learn from yesterday so that you live well today, and a brighter tomorrow will follow. But be sure not to let your thoughts of what might happen tomorrow steal your awareness of what is happening right now.

5. You blindly follow orders
A sure-fire way to waste your life is to blindly do what others are dictating you to do.

Don’t think, and let others do the thinking for you. Don’t listen to your inner voice, and let others decide what is good and right for you. Don’t question your beliefs, and unquestionably accept the dogmas that were forced upon you.

Unfortunately, this is the way many people are living. They follow rules and obey orders, fearing to voice their opinions and live how they truly want to live. They suppress themselves in all sorts of ways in order to be accepted by society, and this brings tremendous suffering to their lives.

To regain your freedom and start living a more conscious and purposeful life, you need to doubt what tradition has taught you, say “no” to any authority figure that is subjugating you, rebel against the herd mentality and create your own path — in short, you need to gather the courage to reject playing the role of a helpless victim, and instead be the hero of your story.

Author: theunboundedspirit.com