Stay Single Until You Meet a Man With These 15 Traits

Don’t be in a relationship just to be in a relationship, find someone you truly enjoy being with. There is no reason to settle in life or in love.

Below you will find a list of things that you should look for in a significant other. These are things everyone deserves. Sometimes staying single until someone who really makes you want to be with them comes along is the best option. Really let someone sweep you off of your feet.

15 Things You Should Look For In a ‘Man’ Worth Being With:

1. He likes to spend time with your family

If you are trying to date someone and they don’t want anything to do with your family that is a sign. The person you end up with should want to be around them because they want to know more about you through them. Getting to know the people who matter to you is important to them.

2. He isn’t afraid to show affection in public

He will hold your hand and kiss you in front of everyone. Whether or not you do this often or just occasionally really depends but if you need him to display affection he doesn’t mind. You are both very open.

3. He embraces your friends because he knows they matter to you

He doesn’t try to cut you off from your friends. He knows that even the friends he doesn’t like hold meaning to you. He is respectful in this aspect.

4. He is there for you through the rough times

When you are going through hard times he is there through it all. He doesn’t just dip out when things get rough. He is your shoulder to cry on.

5. He stands up for you

He won’t let anyone say anything bad about you. If someone downs you, he is the first to make sure he gets his point across. No one is going to make you feel ‘less than’ in front of him.

6. He is always honest with you

He does not lie to you. He is open and honest. You can trust him.

7. He doesn’t give you any reason to doubt the relationship

He never goes out with other girls or makes you wonder whether or not he really cares. You know where your relationship is going and where you are to him. He makes your value known.

8. He makes you feel loved

He makes you feel on top of the world. You know that you matter to him and you can feel the love. You can seriously feel the love.

9. He satisfies you sеxually

He satisfies you in the bedroom. When there is a problem you are both able to talk about it and overcome it.

10. He makes you feel safe

He makes you feel like nothing can hurt you when he is around. You know he will protect you. He is your safety net in some ways.

11. He sees a future with you

He talks about the future and when he does so he mentions you. He wants to build with you and grow with you. You are going somewhere together.

12. He doesn’t make excuses

He apologizes for his mistakes and takes responsibility for his actions. You do not have to worry about him passing the blame onto someone else or guilt-tripping you. He is respectable in this way.

13. You can talk to him about anything

You communicate well with each other. He talks to you about everything and you do the same with him. You both get along so well.

14. He wants to see you succeed

He wants you to do all that you can in this life. He wants you to chase your goals and dreams. You are able to do whatever you want in his eyes and he will be there for you every step of the way.

15. He makes you happy

He truly makes you happy within. He is someone that lights up your heart even on the darkest days. You are matched perfectly.