Here are 10 reasons most people can’t handle an empath

The empath: the person who understands your pain, your joy and everything in between.

Their big heart gives too much, even though they receive too little.

They’ll love you unconditionally and protect your emotions at all costs.

Sounds like the perfect person, right? So, why are so many empaths single?

Simple. Most people simply can’t handle an empath’s complexity, depth and powerful capacity for love.

If you didn’t know, an empath is someone who is highly sensitive to the energy/moods/emotions of people and situations to the point where they can take on those emotions as their own.

And even though their superpowers come with a range of strengths, most people, especially insecure ones, simply can’t handle them. Here’s why:

1) Empaths Ask Too Many Questions
People, in general, don’t like to contemplate the hard questions in life and it can lead to a relationship breakdown before it even gets started.

If an empathic person is looking for someone to share their hopes and dreams with, they might be disappointed to find that most people are creatures of habit and automation.

2) Empaths are Honest
They can’t hold anything back, even when they know it will cost them a relationship.

People who are strongly rooted in their beliefs are clear about what they want in life, which can cause problems for a person who just wants to settle down with the status quo.

3) Empaths Know What They Want
Are you still wondering what you want to be when you grow up? Empaths aren’t.

They have a clear vision of where they are going and how they are going to get there and often times, when people get in their way, it can lead to a road of singledom.

Getting where they want to go is important and a priority for an empath.

4) Empaths Want Empathic Partners
Good luck with that. They want meaningful relationships that have many levels of complexity. It’s hard for the average person to buy into that and adopt it as their mantra.

If a person is looking for a one night stand, empathic people should not be their target.

5) Intimacy is a Given
Empaths are not afraid to let you see her in a vulnerable state. This is hard for most people to deal with sometimes and it can cause them to spend more time alone than they might have anticipated; but when they find the person who gets them, it will click instantly.

6) Empaths See Through the Crap
People who suffer from self-esteem issues and confidence issues don’t hold their own well with empathic women.

Because they are so in touch with their own feelings and state of being in the world, they can pick out the people who are imposters and struggling to find their way.

Empaths like to build themselves up with people who are like-minded, not take on a project.

7) Empaths Like Consistency
Don’t try to pick up an empathic person if you aren’t going to call them the next day. Empaths like routine and consistent behavior to develop deep and meaningful relationships. They hate people who bail and don’t follow through on their promises.

8) Empaths are Intense
There’s no way around it: empaths have a lot of intensity. And they aren’t making any apologies about it; you either get on board with what they’ve got going on, or you move on. It’s plain and simple for an empath.

9) Empaths Go All In
When you find yourself being loved by an empath, you better return the feelings mutually.

They don’t know how to turn it off and on. They set their sights on what they want and need and hold on tight once it becomes theirs.

This can scare a lot of people away before a relationship even gets going.

10) Empaths are Independent
You should know that an empathic woman won’t wait around for a person to get their business together so they can be together.

Empaths don’t need a person to solidify their place in the world and while that might mean they’re single for much longer than they had hoped, they are okay with their choices and stand by them so they can have the love they’ve always wanted.