7 Signs Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You

Below you will find the seven signs that indicate your partner is madly in love with you! Hopefully this article will give you some insight into your relationship.

1. They don’t try to manipulate you

When someone truly loves you, they don’t play games and try to manipulate you. If you feel like you’re being manipulated, confront them. It’s not healthy if you’re in a relationship with a manipulator.

2. They can always cheer you up

Something about them – they can just always cheer you up even when you’re the most down. They know how to push your funny buttons and can always put a smile in your face.

3. They believe you can do things on your own

They don’t have a sense that your hand must be held through every little task in life. They think you can handle your problems and goals on your own. But still…

4. They’re there when you need them

If you can’t handle something on your own, there’s no harm in that at all. They’re there for you any time that you need them. They love you and all they want is for you to succeed.

5. They keep you grounded

When your partner loves you, they won’t let you get to full of yourself. They’ll keep you grounded some. They won’t let your head get too big.

6. They may not understand but they’ll try to learn

Every human is wired to be empathic. We are able to understand another’s experience as if it were our own.

Still, some things you have to experience to truly understand. Even if they don’t understand, a partner who loves you will try.

7. They’re your best friend

Who wouldn’t want to be?

Author: higherperspectives.com