7 Habits That Will Completely Destroy Your Relationship

Relationships are not as easy as most people make them out to be. There are tons of things that happen in life and some of these things can break even the closest of people apart.

Below you will find a list of things that can and will destroy a relationship. These things can tear apart new couples and couples who have been together for years. You see, when it comes to being with someone on that level, you have to be willing to give just as much as you take. If someone is not putting in the effort that needs to be put in, things will eventually come to an end, a person can only deal with so much before it becomes ‘too much.’

7 Things That Will Ruin Your Relationship You May Not Realize You Are Doing:

1. Being overly critical with your significant other

If you never have anything nice to say to your partner he or she will feel hurt. Whether they voice this or not, you will bring down their self-esteem. This is something that drives a wedge between the two of you, big time.

2. Being a Debbie Downer

If you are always being overly negative, things will not work. In a relationship, if the environment is too negative it becomes toxic. No one wants to be in a toxic relationship.

3. Not budgeting properly

If you are bad with money your partner will always be having to make the difference up. This can cause serious issues. Most relationships like this do not last long at all, if you are supposed to split the bills your partner should not be having to make up the difference of your half constantly.

4. Being too lazy within the relationship

If you are lazy and refuse to help your significant other do things around the house that too can be a problem. Don’t get me wrong if you are the only person working you shouldn’t be having to do all the cleaning as well but it wouldn’t kill you to take the trash out. Everything should be equal, and no one should feel trampled on.

5. Ignoring your significant other when it matters

If you are one of those people who ignore their significant other when they are mad you are going to be a very lonely person. In life, you have to learn to work through problems. Ignoring them only make things worse.

6. Putting your wants above your partners (when it comes to things that matter)

If you put the things you want above the needs of your partner then you are selfish. You should both have your needs met and your wants to be achieved within reason. Don’t put something you do not have to have over something your partner needs. You two need to have things worked out in a proper manner.

7. Being too open about your problems

If you are constantly running your trap about the problems within your relationship to your friend you are betraying your partner. Don’t get me wrong if you are being abused by all means speak up but if you are just complaining for sake of complaining, stop. There are always 3 sides to every story; your side, their side, and the truth.

Author: awarenessact.com