Success Does Not Possess

Success is not engraved
on the pieces of paper
that control our very lives.

Success is engraved
on our hearts 
and is only uncovered
when we have found
true happiness.

Life’s goal is not about

Life is about learning
to accept yourself 
and let things flow
in their most natural state,

To let go and drift
in the wind with a soul
as light
as a summer’s breeze,

To see where life’s
journey takes you,

To admire something
or someone you love
from afar,

Instead of contaminating 
them with the suffocating
being of what we call

is about finding yourself
and your own meaning
of the existence of this

Very tiny,
very isolated,
and intricately plotted

To find where you stand
and fit in the substantial
and never-ending vortex
we call Space.

Success is not 
just about living
but about being alive and content
with yourself.

By Camryn Covert