Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Do not judge me
From the outside,
Because all you will see
Is my stupid pride.

It’s like the saying
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
My image may be scary,
But I’m not like any other

Person you’ve met,
Someone you know.
Just because you’ve heard it
Doesn’t mean you know

Exactly what I’m going through,
How much I’ve been hurt.
Stop judging my appearance
And treating me like dirt.

Open your eyes 
And you may see
That what’s on the outside
Is not what I may be.

What I’m not at all.
Please get over this;
Climb this wall.

When you see me walking,
Take a hard look. 
Please stop judging me 
By the outside of my book.

Maybe instead 
Look past my face
And see that the outside
Doesn’t mean I’m a disgrace.

And maybe if
You took your time for a start,
You’d see that the outsideĀ 
Does not reflect my heart.

By Leah Williams