Do Better Dare

It’s not so easy….

Anyone can spot others’ flaws.
It’s easy, like a blink of the eyes.
Doing better is noting ours because
That’s where the challenge lies.

Anyone can share what they got right,
For that will flow like a song.
To do better is to try being forthright
About the things we got wrong.

Everyone enjoys praise and acclaim;
It surely is a piece of cake.
But doing better is not shifting blame
When it’s really ours to take.

Anyone can be cheerful and bright;
That’s after a win of course.
To do better is to be nice and polite,
Even after suffering a loss.

While the usual is easy to find,
Noble things are sometimes hard to do.
Like being honest, humble and kind,
But are due in me and you.

By Abimbola T. Alabi