How Electronic Devices Suck Out Your Soul

In today’s world of technology people are constantly glued to their phones, tablets and computers. This might seem like an innocent practice, but in all honesty these devices are sucking out our souls.

Can EMF’s really prove to be addictive and even deadly? Could it be possible to acquire a chronic disease even cancer from cell phones and ‘blue light’ electronics? Now the answers to these once rumored questions are starting to gain a solid foundation.

“For the first time in our evolutionary history, we have generated an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment — an electromagnetic soup — that essentially overlaps the human nervous system,” says Michael Persinger, PhD, a Neuroscientist.

For the manner in which our cells communicate requires an electrical impulse from our brains, the artificial signals from the EMF’s that surround us disrupt these original transmissions. When the transmission is disrupted and the writing of our DNA is corrupted, cases of cancer and chronic disease are the result.

For example, when a DNA needs to code for proteins it must unwind, exposure to ‘bluelight’ makes the Mitochondria (Mitochondria is surrounded by water) stressed and hot, which contracts the cell, heat contracts and cold expands. This is why Cryogenics and the Wim Hof methods are successful in enhancing health, because cold expands the Mitochondria enabling the smooth writing/unfolding of DNA proteins.

This is due to the Photo-Electric effect that Albert Einstein had theorized, it states ” when electrons are present, one can collect and assimilate light”, however “you lose electrons from exposure to electronics” states Dr. Jack Kruse Neurosurgeon. The best way to get electrons is by grounding yourself and in the morning taking in sunlight. DHA is also a great for electrons, DHA comes from seafood and will help you gather more electrons resulting in more energy.

Dr. Jack Kruse as a result of understanding the ill effects of EMF’s on the human biology, has an understanding that has a Quantum-biological aspect. Dr. Kruse shows that ‘bluelight’ heats up our mitochondria and as a result we lose light photons, this makes us lethargic and leads to health troubles.

Essentially this is a form of getting your soul sucked out, accompanied by addiction to electronics the adverse effects can be fatal. In Silicone Valley schools that are tech free are popping up, as the high technology parents of the new generation see the high risk of not only developing a dependency to technology but also losing connection to the natural world.

The ancients would star gaze and it is believed that this activity increases mental cognition. There are studies that show improvements in mathematics, astronomy, environment awareness and it connects you to your place in the world, instead of being solely distracted by ‘blue light’ media.