7 Habits of Highly Attractive People

As per Dr. Wayne Dyer, human beings do not attract what they want—they attract who they are. Sometimes intelligence, looks, and humor can easily explain the attraction, but sometimes it’s just a feeling or a sense that can’t be explained at all. What’s more, attraction can be carnal or platonic, physical or emotional, or rational or intellectual.

With all of this being said, there are definitely specific behaviors that usually attract large numbers of people, and human beings who are deemed to be attractive normally display truly positive behaviors and actions. Please continue reading to learn more common traits of human beings who are attractive physically, intellectually, and emotionally—and feel free to take on as many of the characteristics for yourself (and for your own benefit).

#1: Humour

Humour can alleviate many of life’s difficulties no matter what it happens to be making light of. As such, it’s usually an incredibly attractive character trait because life tends to be filled with difficulties, frustrations, and disappointments; being able to turn these things into (at least somewhat) enjoyable experiences is invaluable, to say the least.

#2: Passion

Passion usually results from strong purpose, and determination and achievement are frequently synonymous with both of these things. Moreover, passion often seems infectious; being around a passionate person makes it easier to be passionate yourself. This makes it easier for you to be happier in general, so human beings are naturally attracted to people who will have these impacts on them.

#3: Judgement

Individuals who arrive at decisions efficiently and effectively are attractive to virtually all human beings. Advice is a powerful gift; someone who gives good advice is valuable beyond measure, while someone who gives bad advice can be detrimental beyond belief. With all of this in mind, having a person in your life who always seems to know the right things to say or do is an extremely attractive thought to contemplate.

#4: Kindness

Virtually all human beings desire to be around people who are nice and virtually all human beings loathe being around individuals who are mean. This seems like a simple concept to most people, yet there are still countless human beings on Earth who are vindictive and cruel. With this last point in mind, people who are kind to everyone they interact with are incredibly attractive under almost all circumstances.

#5: Openness

This means honesty but is also means open-mindedness. Quite frankly, it’s just unwise (and even ignorant) to be closed-minded, and thinking this way only causes many more problems in the world rather than solving any. Similar negative impacts are felt by the people who these individuals interact with, so most people are attracted to individuals who are open.

#6: Confidence

Even though all humans have insecurities to some degree, the people who are able to focus on their positive and productive attributes are the ones that most other individuals are attracted to. Like many other admirable characteristics, confidence can often be infectious. Since most human beings want to be more confident (or as confident as possible), most human beings are attracted to confident individuals.

#7: Acceptance

Just as closed-mindedness frequently leads to global-sized problems, so too does lack of acceptance oftentimes have negative repercussions. Acceptance is usually synonymous with compromise, whether the compromise is internal, external, written, spoken, or only thought. Virtually all human beings would rather interact with people who are accepting as opposed to people who are steadfast and uncompromising—which means individuals who are exceptionally accepting are exceptionally attractive.

Author: irelease.org