5 Hidden Super Powers Only People with Anxiety May Have

Anxiety may seem natural and harmless, but it has a serious effect on people. Anxiety might cause negative feelings, like stress, depression and not wanting to communicate with others. It can be tough to deal with stress yourself and also to be around anxious people. But it also has some benefits, and it makes the people unique.

One might even say, that people with anxiety have superpowers. Some features are more developed in them, than in other people. To find out, if you have these superpowers, that anxiety causes:

1. Ability to Sense Other’s Energies

People with anxiety can sense other people better. They can instantly feel if the other person has a positive or a negative vibe. Individuals with positive vibes are easier to be with, and it is more comfortable to talk to them. Negative people make anxious people feel terrible and overwhelmed. Regular people might not even feel the negative energy approaching them, but anxious people are much more sensitive.

2. Increased Empathy

Concerned people worry about others a lot more than normal people do. They also can put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand what they are feeling. This is a great feature because it makes you connect with others on a whole new level. They understand, when someone is not feeling good and can help solve their problems. Empathic people make great friends, so try to find them in your life as well.

3. Lifesaving Instinct

Anxious people are more careful and more aware of what is going on around them. This is a great life-saving ability. Anxious people have a strong gut feeling when something is about to happen, and it is important always to trust it. A study, which was published in the European Journal of Psychology found that anxious people detected danger quicker and reacted to it faster as well.

4. Increased IQ

Another research, which was conducted at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York, found that anxious people are smarter. This is quite logical because anxiety makes people over-think and over-analyze all the little details. They think about every possible situation and outcome, before deciding on something.

5. Ability to Spot Lies

Because they are very aware of what is going on around them, they can understand when someone is dishonest. They concentrate and listen to every word, and if the story does not make sense or the person telling it is acting strangely in any way, anxious people can see through that immediately. So do not try to lie to them, because it will end badly for you.

Anxiety can be a pain in the ass in everyday life. But it also makes the people unique. These superpowers mentioned above are essential features and thanks to these, they make great friends. Anxious people have the gift to notice all the details and achieve great things in their life. Worried people might seem insecure and weak, but they are the strongest people out there.

Author: peacequarters.com