A Spiritual Journey

Across from the mountains,
A little house sits in the trees.
I’m lost in tranquility
As my soul tries to breathe.

White clouds moving slowly,
The breeze a calm still.
I’m caught in the moment
As my heart starts to heal.

A piece of me
In the startling blue sky.
As I spread my wings,
My soul starts to fly.

I fly to unknown places,
Where pain and hurt once dwelled.
As the memories flow past me,
My eyes start to swell.

Tear drops drip slowly
Down my cheeks.
The wind wipes them dry
And gives me some peace.

Soaring so free,
Over water and land,
My Spirit Guide gently
Takes me by my hand.

He shows me what was
And what’s meant to be
And why my life
Is so important it seems.

A long soar,
Like the eagle high,
I bow my head,
And I start to cry.

Back on the land,
Across from the trees,
I began to realize
What healing means.

It means not to forget,
Let the past flow
Of all the horrors
One soul had to go.

To take the strengths
And apply them to life
Is a valuable lesson
I’ve learned this flight.

Alone in the sunset,
I watch it go down,
When I finally realize
What peace I have found.

By Ana Lei Somerville